Meet Toby (2)

Location - East Yorkshire


Hey it’s Toby here! Hello again! I’m back!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out at my last home, so the lovely team at Rehome HQ have welcomed me back with open arms.

So that means I am looking for my forever home again. A few things have changed about me since I was last here, some things I have got better with, some things I still need help with.


Have a read about me – I’m not a bad dog, I just sometimes have a wobble so need someone to help me learn to channel my energy and feelings better. Can you help me?


So I am now 3 years old, it was my birthday last weekend, you can wish me a belated birthday if you please!


I travel really well as I made a very long journey to my last home and made the return journey back to my foster with no issues whatsoever. I can travel in a crate and equally as good with a secure seatbelt harness.

I can sit, stay, lie down, and give paw, I can fetch my ball when returned (sometimes I won’t give it back) – my last home worked hard on this with me, and I also soon learned how to stay in my bed at nighttime or if I was asked to in the day. I am crate trained too, I like my crate, I feel safe in there. I can be left for short periods of time and maybe longer if you help me to gradually build this up. If you work from home I will be quiet, place nicely and settle down so you can work, but I will give you a nudge from time to time, to check you are still there. My last home found a Kong toy filled with yummy treats would help me settle.

I have met quite a few strangers lately and I am getting better around new people. On my journey back to my foster I met quite a few people I didn’t know who helped me on my journey and I was very good and said hello nicely. I even jumped into the arms of one pretty lady, I liked her a lot! However sometimes I can get a little anxious with people and it can come across as I am a little bossy until I get used to you.

I love playing in the garden and my last home used our garden time to learn and train. I did have a little bit of clicker training with nice treats as a reward and I was responding well to this. Perhaps we can try that too, but it would need to be consistent, so I really get the hang of it.

I need a firm but confident and kind owner. Positive reward training would really benefit me. Sometimes I can be stubborn and when asked to do things I will refuse, I may growl a little, so I need someone to show me my place in the pack but with a firm kind manner. I don’t mean anything by the growling, I just don’t know how to channel my thoughts sometimes.

I used to resource guard my food and toys, but now I am a lot better. Any new owner will always have to bear this in mind and help me to be consistent that it’s okay to share. Anyway, would you like anyone touching your food? It’s better to leave my food down until it’s finished and never remove any treats when I am chewing them, you’d get grumpy too if someone touched your McDonalds whilst you were eating it!

I am a typical cheeky terrier; I have been known to steal the odd bag of knitting too – oh that was fun but I know I wasn’t supposed to do it.


Basically, in the home I am generally fine apart from what has been mentioned above, however it’s outside the home that sometimes I do not know or understand how to channel my anxieties, fears and behaviour, let me explain.

I am pretty good on a lead in quiet rural areas where I won’t meet any other dogs, this is where I am at my happiest outdoors. Long quiet walks with my owner. I can’t be off lead as I have a high prey drive and have no recall. It’s when I meet other dogs that I don’t behave, I bark, pull on my lead and get clearly distressed, I just do not know how to channel that energy and my feelings and reactions. My last owner started muzzle training me and the Rehome HQ team also agree that me wearing a muzzle is the safest for me when I am in an area that I am likely to come across other dogs. Wearing a muzzle does not mean I am a bad dog; it just means that I am safe, and another dog would be safe too in case my reactions got a bit too much! 


I’d love to find a new owner who can help me work on my reactiveness because if I improve in this area, I will become a perfect little dog. Everyone has their flaws; this is my main area of development. They may even have to accept that I may never improve with my reactivity but wearing a muzzle will help me immensely.


So here I am….  warts and all, I have been very upfront about my character and traits – I’m hoping you like me and want me to come to live with you so you can help me become a new me!


My wish list is as follows:

1. A firm, kind, understanding, confident terrier experienced owner who is consistent with positive reward training.

2. A child free home.

3. A dog free home - need to be the only dog.

4. No cats or small furries.

5. A quiet environment, possibly rural.

6. An understanding owner who does not mind I may have to wear a muzzle and understands the benefits of muzzle use.

7. A secure garden or outdoor area with high boundaries.

8. Someone who is home most of the day.

9. Someone who is prepared to come and meet me a few times to get to know me at my foster home.


PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted for Toby (2). You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos - please read HERE for more info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected. If you would like to apply for Toby (2) - EMAIL US