Location North East


Meet Skip


Hello, I am a cheeky 8 month old Lakeland/Fell Terrier. I have had all my vaccinations, worming, de-flea and I am neutered too. Oh and I have had a health check.

If you think ‘Pocket Rocket’ you won’t be far wrong. Everyone loves me. The team at HQ have fallen in love with me too!


I am a “typical terrier" with lots of energy and I mean lots! I am inquisitive, stubborn, and intelligent too, so you’ll need to keep me stimulated. On the plus side, I am very loving and love nothing more than a cuddle after my walk. I say walk, maybe ramble is more appropriate. I LOVE my walks, I’m not kidding!

I've been introduced to horses too at my foster home, crikey they're big beasts! I didn't show any aggression, I was just interested.


I am a very settled little lad in the home but I’m literally into everything. I’m still just a youngster remember! I am not a chewer though, just don’t leave stuff around and keep your eye on me so I don’t eat anything I shouldn’t or snatch your socks and run off (chuckles).


Outside I’m great on a lead but my recall might need some work. Maybe you can take me to one of those enclosed dog areas, until you can be sure I’m safe. However, because I’m very food orientated I will respond quickly with proper training. 


I would like a home on my own please, I do like other dogs but I can be quite boisterous and don’t know when to stop. In fact Patterdale HQ think I’m better suited as an only dog, for now at least until I’m a bit older. No small furries or cats either, I’d make their lives hell and it wouldn’t end well, for them not me!


I haven’t been around young children at all so I think dog savvy children over the age of 10 would be better for me. I’d love a playmate! I’ll be your best buddy if you let me. We can play football in the garden and stuff.


I can be left alone and I’m ok with that for short periods of time. I am also crate trained which is a blessing.


Now, my house training can be hit or miss, you will need to be consistent with this. Teach me how to do it properly. I can do it, I just need a little guidance. Take me outside, and stay with me, first thing in the morning, and again after any food, play time, or sleep. And of course last thing at night. Use a command like “Quick” or “Go wee” and I’ll pick it up in no time!


So that’s me in a nutshell.


Just to recap.


  1. A home with a nice garden please.

  2. High fences, 5ft plus.

  3. No young children, aged over 10 only.

  4. An only dog.

  5. No cats, small furries.

  6. Someone who is home who won’t leave me for long.

  7. Someone who will continue my training.

  8. Experience with Terriers

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

EMAIL US to apply for Skip