Meet Rocky

Location - South East


Who’s this handsome chap I hear you ask, well let me introduce myself.


My name is Rocky. I’m a 1year old Lakeland cross. I’ve been neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flead.


I’m a happy little pup who simply loves human attention! 


Always on the go and I love exciting walks and adventures. Whether it be the countryside or the beach, I just love to explore.


In open areas I prefer to be on my longline as I’m easily distracted by cats, furries and other dogs.

Secure dog exercise fields are great as I can be off my lead and run like the wind! 

Zoomies are great fun! 


I’m brilliant when travelling too. In the car I’m happy to lay in my crate for as long as needed, with toilet breaks obviously. Car journeys mean fun walks are coming my way! 


I’ve had a few doggy pals in the past but I will need careful introductions to new dogs with parallel walks on the lead, no sniffing one another etc as that’s not good doggy etiquette, until we are completely happy in each other’s company. 

This could take several weeks to achieve, and my new owners will need to let me take things at my own pace.


Socialising classes may be beneficial for me too.


Having previously lived with another dog before, it’s possible I could live with a calm and friendly female again. She would need to visit me at least a couple of times, to make sure we get along ok, before I came to live with you though. Once at my new home, my new owners will need to continue with the careful interactions for several weeks at least, until we are both completely relaxed with each other. 


I don’t want to live with cats or small furries though, I don’t like them at all and I’m quite partial to chasing them if given the chance. 

It’s just my natural instinct after all.


Overnight I’m happy to be in my crate and once settled, I can be gradually introduced to being left if you need to go out shopping etc. I’d prefer to be left for no more than a few hours. At first I may be a little anxious about being left alone so will need patience and reassurance. Treat toys such as Kongs & Lickimats may help to keep me occupied.


I’m very much a people dog and will lap up any attention you give me. I will always be by your side when we are at home.


Little humans are a bit too much for me though, and their loud noises and running around can get me over excited and silly. So for this reason I need a home with sensible younger humans who are aged 10+, are dog savvy and recognise when I want my own space. 


Hunting for treats in the garden and house is good fun and keeps me mentally stimulated too. 


Each day I like to have two, maybe three, active walks. This helps to keep me fit and happy, I’d love a new exercise buddy too. Would you like to join me?


As I’m still young, I’m a lively chap and still need to further my education too. As a typical terrier I can have cheeky moments and I benefit from a firm but fair leader to show me what is acceptable and what isn’t, but there is no malice at all in my behaviour.


Being a clever and intelligent individual, I love to learn new things. Maybe you could teach me a few tricks or even introduce me to something really fun like agility! I have oodles of energy and from what I’ve been told, I could be quite good at it! 


If you meet the following criteria, have a spot on your sofa for me and enjoy long, exciting walks, please get in touch with the lovely humans helping me find my new home.


1. Only dog or calm, friendly female dog

2. Children aged 10+ who are dog savvy 

3. Secure garden with fences of at least 5/6ft 

4. No cats or small furries

5. Experienced home to help continue my education 

6. Active and happy to continue with my exercise routine

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

EMAIL US to apply for Rocky