Meet Patsy

Location - East Yorkshire


Hello everyone, my name is Patsy.

Aren’t I absolutely fabulous? 


I’m a 16 month old Patterdale. I’ve been spayed and worming/flea and vaccinations are all up to date. I’m chipped too.


There’s so much to love about me and my tail never stops wagging. I’m such a happy little lady.


Humans are great as they give lots of snuggles, treats and praise me when I’ve done well. 

I love to please and I’ll certainly be your best friend once I know and trust you. I may seem timid at first but I soon come out of my shell with patience and understanding.


Walks with my humans are my favourite thing to do. Exploring new places and seeing new sights, everything is so exciting to me!


In general I do interact well with other dogs I meet on walks but occasionally there’ll be one I don’t like all that much and I’ll bark to tell them how I feel.


Naturally I will need careful introductions and plenty of parallel walks with any dog I’m likely to be spending time with on a regular basis.


I lived with another dog for a short time in my previous home and although I liked him, having another dog there was, on occasions, a bit too exciting for me and there were times when I was a little silly and copied his cheeky behaviour.


Its possible I could live with an "older calm male" dog but, ideally, I think I’d like to have all the attention for myself again.


If I was to live with another dog, they’d have to visit me at least a couple of times to see how we got on and interactions carefully monitored once at home too.


When I’m off lead I love to run and run. 

Sometimes I forget my manners and run over to other dogs thinking they want to play. I can’t help it, I’m such fabulous young lady how can others not want to know me?


I’ll need to be kept safe and secure on walks for a while until we’ve bonded and my recall is better, before you let me off leash, and then only in safe places. Those secure dog fields would be great for some zoomie time.


I’ve heard people talk about little humans and I’ve really only seen them out on walks, therefore I’m not used to spending time with them.

When I’ve seen them on walks and they’ve been running around it makes me very excitable and silly.


A home with adults and maybe teenagers aged 14 or over, who are dog savvy, is better suited to me and ideally no young visiting children too.


Once I’m settled, I’m happy to be left for a couple of hours should you need to go shopping or to work but I’ll need time to get used to my surroundings first.


Meal times I really look forward to. 

Chicken, liver, mince or fish with vegetables are my favourite and helps me stay healthy and my coat shiny. You can touch my food bowl and ask me to sit and wait politely, and I don’t mind at all.

Good table manners are important, don’t you agree.


Those furry little creatures, you know, rabbits, squirrels and the like, well I love to chase them! 

Once they disappear I will walk away but when they run, I run too! 


Not so keen on cats either so please don’t ask me to live with any of them either or any furry animals. 


In a nutshell, I’m a lovely girl and can’t wait to find my new family to enjoy lots of adventures and snuggle time with.


If you meet the following criteria and have a comfy spot on the sofa for me, please get in touch with the lovely humans looking after me.


Hope to meet you soon, Patsy


1. Only dog/calm older male dog

2. Patterdale/terrier experienced home

3. Secure garden with fences of at least 5/6ft

4. No young children - dog savvy teenagers 14+

5. No cats or small furries.

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

EMAIL US to apply for Patsy