Meet Oscar

Location - East Yorkshire


My name is Oscar and I am a 7 years old chocolate Patterdale – I am a little grey around the gills but don’t let that put you off, I have lots of love to give and lots of energy! You could say I am a distinguished gentleman, a little grey like George Clooney perhaps!


My tail was docked as a puppy but it’s been docked too short so it’s a little stump and this means when I wag my tail my bum wiggles! It adds to my character!


I’m looking for a new home, would you like me to come and live with you?

I am vaccinated, chipped, neutered and health checked – I am a little overweight at 13kg so I need an active life and a healthy diet to help bring my weight down. My ideal weight would be around 9kg to 10kg, I’d be happy with a summer body of that weight! I have tried a raw food diet and I really enjoyed that but I am just as happy on a healthy low fat dry food, I am quite adaptable.

I am great with children over the age of 10 years old, I like to play ball with them, although sometimes I don’t like to give it back. Running around with kids is fun when they can’t get my ball off me! I also love snuggles, lots of them but I do also equally like time to myself. Any kids will have to understand this and be dog savvy.

 I have got along with the odd cat and other dogs in a social environment. Although any introductions need to be careful as I can get a little anxious. Even though I do get on with other cats and dogs in the right environment, I ideally need to be an only dog in the home as I like all the attention on me but I don’t mind socializing on walks with other dogs and the next door neighbour’s cat will probably be safe too!

If I was to live with a cat or another dog any applicants would have to really convince the Rehome Team that they are experienced on these introductions and really know how to manage any introductory settling period and any other dog would have to be a calm female dog. My happiness and needs must come first.


Other furries, well I’m a terrier, none of those please!

I don’t like the vets! What dog in their right mind likes the vets? I get really nervous and anxious at the vets and sometimes I need to be muzzled. This is because I have never really been for regular vet checks. However lately with my foster mum I was a really good boy and let her keep me calm whilst the vet checked me over and gave me my jabs. I didn’t even use a muzzle! Any new owner would have to work hard with lots of little visits to a vet who understands nervous and anxious dogs so I can work on my fear of going. I don’t like motorbikes either! I bark at them; can you help me overcome this? I sometimes bark when I am anxious too, I don’t mean bad by it, it’s just who I am but I am sure you can teach me I don’t need to, and everything is okay. I an bark at ne people too, but I am fine when I get to know them.

I have been off lead and can be off lead after I have had a refresh on my recall, got to know you and have worked on my loose lead training as I can pull a little. I will sit nicely if you ask me but sometimes, I have a mind of my own so a little guidance may be needed with my training as I like to do my own thing often. Remember too I am a terrier; I have a prey drive so off lead must be carefully organised through training and trust.


I need someone who is about most of the day as I get anxious when left alone, if someone can help build me up to being alone for a few hours and assure me it’s okay perhaps in time I can be left for a short while alone.

I like being in the garden, I like to be outside, but please be mindful of you pretty flowers and borders, I do sometimes like to dig, but that’s a typical terrier trait anyway and any terrier owner already knows that we like to do the gardening from time to time.

I have also had some crate training and I do travel well in the car in my crate so I’d love to accompany you on adventures and walks, perhaps visits to the beach too!


What I really wish for is a strong confident loving owner or family who will keep me engaged, work on my anxieties and guide me in the right direction. I am a lovely dog, a little strong willed at times but in the right hands I will be the perfect dog.


My Wish List:

1. Experienced Confident Terrier Owner (s)

2. Someone home most of the day.

3. Someone who will help me with my anxieties.

4. Children over the age of 10.

5. Potential of living with a confident and calm female dog

6. MAY be able to live with a calm feline household member.

7. Someone who will work to get me slim and trim and maintain a healthy regime.

8. A secure, safe garden with high boundaries so I can run around and play.

9. Long walks and adventures and activities to keep me engaged through training and play.

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

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