Hello everyone!


I’m Marty, I am a 22-month-old male Patterdale Terrier, you may recognise me as I have been here once before, the lovely team at Rehome HQ have taken me back because my new family were struggling with me, even though they put a lot of work into trying to settle me.


Please read my information very carefully before applying for me as I need an experienced owner.


I am neutered and up to date with vaccinations and after a re assessment with my foster carer, I am now ready to find a new home.


I am an anxious dog and sometimes can be nervous too. Because of this I sometimes show my emotions and reactions incorrectly – I need an owner that understands me and will know how to work with me consistently to gain my confidence.


I am not too keen on being around too many people and other dogs, so I am looking for a quiet home with not too much going on. I get anxious in surroundings indoors and outdoors where too many strangers are, so please don’t apply for me if you want a dog to take to pubs, beer gardens and events, I just like a quiet life with not too many visitors.

I’m not great around children, and can nip if I feel anxious, although my foster carer has not seen this side of me at all. Therefore, I need a home with no children, adults only - this goes for visiting children too.

I need a lot of work on my reactions to other dogs, strangers, and cars. My foster carer thinks it is purely nervousness and I do not know how to express myself in the right manner. Gentle, gradual, and consistent positive reward training is what I need – can you help me with this?

I need to be an only dog, also with no doggy visitors to my home and if my new owner does want me to go to training classes it needs to be 1 to 1 training until I am at a stage where the trainer feels I am confident enough to be in a group situation – that could take some time. I also need to kept on a lead for now. Not until my anxieties and confidence is significantly under control can I ever be considered for off lead and recall training. Doggy fields that are secure and for my sole use would be a great way to build our bond however.

I also need a home with no other animals of any kind – I am a terrier and terriers have high prey drive.

I love my ball and playing with toys and I do love snuggles once I get to know you but I need a home that is calm, never busy and there is someone at home all day. My ideal owner would be a single person or couple who are experienced Patterdale owners, who rarely get visitors and are home birds. My ideal home would be quiet, rural with a large secure garden – I am just asking for an easy quiet life, even though I am a young dog. I have a lot of love to give in return.


The team at Rehome HQ believe in me and know that in the right experienced hands I have the capability to overcome many of my fears, anxieties and nerves as I am still young enough to learn and train. I’m a lovely dog and I am looking for a perfect match in a new owner, and I will get there, but it has to be at my pace to begin with.


Can you be the one?


1) No children in the home, including visiting children.

2) Quiet home, possibly in a rural location with minimal visitors.

3) An owner who doesn’t have a busy lifestyle and is home much of the day and will not put me in social situations that may set back my confidence.

4) No animals at all in the home, including visiting animals.

5) A calm confident owner who is experienced in Patterdales.

6) An understanding owner who has the time to invest in the correct training (1 to 1) to bring out the best in me and understands it will take time to get me to the right place.

7) A secure outdoor area for me to play.

8) An experienced owner who will provide the rehome team with regular updates on my progress. 

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

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