Meet Leon
Location – East Yorkshire

Leon is back in town ……


As some of the eagle eyed of you may have noticed I kinda disappeared for a short time.

I’ve been told that this is so that the lovely people at Rehome HQ could carry out some further assessments on me to make sure I find my best new home. Having the super cool name of Leon, I am obviously male, and I am a Lakeland Cross Terrier.


I’m really excited at the minute as it’s my birthday next week and I am going to be 2 years old!!


The best birthday present I could wish for would be to find myself a new forever home – could it be you?? I am neutered, vaccinated and flead, wormed and micro chipped and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I love going out on a walk, I can pull a little on the lead but only because I am excited young man and just want to go
out and explore. I don’t mind if I wear a collar or harness but a harness does seem to stop me pulling a little bit better.


You’ll be thrilled to know that I love puddles, especially muddy ones!!! I will bark at other people and dogs but I think this is because I am a little bit shy and nervous to be honest – maybe you could help with this ?

I used to live with my sister, so do really miss having a friend to play with. I can however be a little bossy if I’m
allowed to get away with it, but I would love to live with an older calm and friendly female to show me the ropes and
show me that I can just relax and have fun.

Being a Terrier, I can also have selective deafness on occasion (honestly I really don’t know what they mean), but I
know I am really good at pretending I can’t hear you! Are you able to help me with this, as I don’t mean to ignore you
– honestly!! I don’t go off lead as my recall is pretty rubbish. I am a clever lad and a really fast learner though, so
maybe you have come across this before? I would love it if you had experience of helping one of my fellow four
legged friends with this previously ?

Now those small human people are really not my cup of tea, and I really don’t want to live with any of them please.
The older teenage ones are ok if they are dog savvy and give me my own space and don’t pester me too much. I will
bark at them though if needed, so think it best if I have an adult only environment.

Those small furry animals, squirrels and cats are a bit too interesting, and I am fairly sure they want me to chase them
every time I see them. Luckily for them, they are always too fast for me and I know I shouldn’t chase after them - but
I think it’s fun, so it’s probably best if I there were none of them in my new home.

I have been known to bark at lawn mowers, bikes, tumble dryers and hoovers – I am not too sure why I do this, maybe
it’s the noise they make which scares me a little – please could you help me overcome this? In fact loud noises and
sudden movements make me a little scared and I need someone who can help me overcome this fear. I’m not sure
how you are going to do this though, so I would love it if you could tell me little bit about how we could work on this
together? I really need a quiet and calm home where I can relax and not worry.

Now I know I have so many good points too, as you can see by my pictures I am very very handsome young chap, I
love cuddles on the sofa, and like to feel safe behind the sofa or under the bed – all cosy. I like to sleep in my crate at
night time, which is downstairs, although I sometimes might just sneak up for a cuddle if I am allowed. I am quite
chilled and if you take my toys away from me whilst I am playing, I don’t mind at all. The same goes for my food bowl
too, I am also happy to sit nicely and wait for my food to be given to me.

Between you and me, I think I just need some help with my socialisation and manners, so an experienced terrier
owner who is firm and confident is really a must for me. A nice quiet and calm home is a must too, with my owner
being around most of the day, although if you really need to pop to the shops without me for an hour, please build up
to this gradually as I’m not too keen on being left alone.
So here’s my birthday wish list for my new home, can you help?

1. Confident and experienced Terrier owner
2. Quiet and calm home with someone around for the majority of the day
3. No children, Adults only or age 16+
4. Secure garden with 5/6ft fencing
5. No cats or small furries
6. Older calm and friendly female dog to play with
7. Someone willing to continue my training

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

EMAIL US to apply for Leon