How we work..

This page is designed to explain how we work - from when we take a dog into our care, to new owner handover.

Firstly, we assess the dog via the previous owner if possible, At this point we have a good idea of the dogs temperament, likes, dislikes, food type, reactiveness, aggression etc etc. If there is no record of a previous owner, the assessment stage may take longer. We decide on which foster home a dog should go to. Some of our fosters have a resident dog, some don't. We would never put a new dog into a situation where we didn't feel the dog was safe or where the new dog might feel agitated.

Once we have chosen the foster home, our fosters assess the dog for a period of - however long it takes - During this time, we may advertise a dog as 'pending assessment' - this is where the hard work begins. We are in touch with our fosters daily and our fosters fill in weekly reports on a dogs progression. We test our dogs in all situations. Walking on a lead, reactiveness to other dogs (dogs and bitches), around livestock, sleeping, eating, affection, whether you can take food/bowls from a dog and more! This is vigorous testing and only when we are satisfied, will we start to look for a potential new owner.

Sometimes our dogs do come with some issues, so we not only have to assess the dogs, we have to assess the potential new owner too as explained in the next paragraph. This is to ensure we match the dog with the correct home.

Applying for a dog to adopt

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Stage 1 - We ask anyone who is interested in rehoming a dog from us to send in an email. That's first and foremost. To do this, you would look at the list of available dogs and if you would like to apply for one, follow the link on the dogs profile (you can not apply for a dog "pending assessment"). Read all about the dog and see if you can offer him/her a home. Send your email, it will go directly to the dogs Case Worker. Tell us what you can offer a dog and about your family. If we think you might be suitable you go through to the next stage.


Stage 2 - This is where we ask you to send in videos. We ask for THREE separate vidoes. These need to be 'spoken virtual tours'

Video 1 - This video is of the home, garden and fences. We ask for a fully enclosed secure garden with at least 5/6 ft fences. A dogs safety is paramount!


Video 2 - An 'About me' video, telling us all about you, your family and your lifestyle and perhaps previous dogs. Include all of your household family members in this if you can. Tell us about walks in the area etc and anything else that you think might help your application.


Video 3 - This must be specifically about the dog you have applied for. Talk us through the dogs profile/bio, tell us why you think you'd be suitable for this particular dog. Please Note - If you have applied for more than one dog, you will need to submit a new (video 3) each time you apply for a new dog.

These videos are very important. Our dogs will always come first, ALWAYS. We will only ever place a dog into a new home when we are absolutely confident it's the right home for the dog

If you make it though the video stage, we will then make an appointment to call you to discuss further. There will always be more than one person we call for any particular dog. It can be anything up to 4 people.

To finalise the new home we have a Team Meeting with the board of directors and the rest of the team before a final decison is made.

All of our dogs go to their new homes with 5 weeks FREE insurance, regardless of age. This not only protects the dog but protects us as a rescue, too.

Oh but it doesn't stop there!

Next, we keep in touch with the new owner for at least 5 weeks. We ring them weekly, to discuss their new companion. This is to make sure they are settling in and there are no concerns. We offer full support to new owners, they can contact us at anytime. We also offer full rescue back up, this is to ensure the dogs safety for life. We will always take a dog back if things don't work out. In fact, that's in our policy for new owners to sign.


PLUS, if a dog is not chipped when we take him/her into our care, a new chip will be provided by us. Our chips will be registered not only in the new owners name (after 4 weeks), but in our name too. Again, to ensure the safety of the dog and to prevent them being handed over to a dog warden or some random rescue kennel where they charge the earth to claim your own dog.

We believe that the professional and personal service that we provide make our rescue one of the best in the country for Patterdales, Lakelands and some other Terriers too!