Location - East Yorkshire 


Hello everyone, my name is Fudge.


I’m an 8 month old male Patterdale/Lakeland. I’ve been neutered, vaccinated, chipped and my worming & flea treatment is up to date too.


The time has come to for the lovely people looking after me, to help me find my new forever home.


The ideal home for me would be with someone who is confident and experienced with terriers, has the time and knowledge to help me progress with my training, and also allow me time to adjust to new surroundings at my own pace. I’m still young and I need an owner who can help me learn boundaries and also improve my manners too. 


Someone who is home most of the day would be fantastic as I’ve never really been left before, but I could be gradually introduced to being left for when you need to go shopping to buy me lots of yummy treats! Sometimes I can be shy of new people, but once I know you better I will lap up all the attention you give me. I’ve so much love to give!


As an active and lively young chap, I’m always ready to play and go for fun filled walks. I love the outdoors, especially the countryside where it’s quiet and there’s plenty to sniff and investigate too.


I’m not too keen on busy places, with lots of people around, so a rural or semi rural home location would suit me very much.


As I mentioned before, I’m still young and as with all young dogs, I can have cheeky moments. I simply love attention and always want to be playing or doing something fun with you.


When I’m bored and wanting attention, I can be a little mouthy if ignored, so I need an owner who can confidently show me what is right and wrong, and help me channel my energy correctly. I’m ever so clever and training games would really help to stimulate my mind.


An activity like Agility would be a great way to keep me busy and stimulated, once my recall training has improved, and would be a great way for us to bond and learn together too.


Whilst out, I can walk past several dogs and not be interested in them at all, but like with you humans, us dogs don’t always like everyone we meet either and occasionally I will bark and react to a dog that I don’t like the look of.


Parallel walks and careful introductions are a must if I’m to be accompanying another dog on my walks.


I’ve enjoyed several walks with a lovely lady terrier whilst in foster care, and I’ve always been friendly to her, excitable too, but I listened when she told me to stop being silly.


Can you help me improve my doggy etiquette, so that in time I could possibly have some new doggy pals? 


It’s possible I could live with a calm, friendly, older female dog but as I love attention so much, being an only dog would be even better.


If I was to live with another dog, they would need to visit me as many times as needed, to make sure we get along well enough before I came home with you and I’d need be carefully monitored once home.The ladies looking after me can give you lots of helpful advice on how to do this.


On walks I do need to stay on my leash as my recall isn’t great. Well, nobody’s perfect are they?


Off leash exercise in a secure field would be ideal for me to stretch my legs, once I’m responding better to your verbal commands, and feeling secure with you.


Small furry creatures distract me too easily and I don’t like cats either, so a home without them is a must.


From past experiences, children have made me feel unsettled and sometimes anxious, so I’d prefer an adult only home.


I could possibly live with older teenagers aged 14+ but only if they’re dog savvy, confident and can recognise when I need space. 


With the right owner I could blossom into a well mannered and super loving companion. Could that be you?


If you meet the following criteria and have a space in your life for a handsome chap like me, please get in touch with the fabulous ladies looking after me.


1. Terrier experience and a strong, confident leader with the relevant knowledge to help with my issues

2. Garden with secure fences of at least 5/6ft

3. Adult only home or teenagers ages 14+ who are confident and dog savvy

4. No cats or small furry animals 

5. Someone home most of the day

6. Only dog or older female dog only