Location - Teesside, North East


Hi everyone, I’m Freddie


I’m an 11mth old male Patterdale terrier.


I’ve been neutered, vaccinated, chipped and my worming and flea treatment are up to date too.


Some of you may recognise me from when I was rehomed earlier this year, but due to wanting and needing more attention/interaction than my owners are able to offer me, I’m once again looking for my perfect forever home.


I’m ready for my next new adventure!


I’ve had so much fun over the past 6mths and made lots of new doggy pals too, it’s been such a wonderful time for me.


I’ve made good progress with my training, although I still have a few things to work on, but I’m still young, extremely clever and  very eager to learn!


It’s my 1st birthday soon, and I’d love to have some new friends to share my special day with! 


The lovely people looking after me have made it their mission to try make my birthday wish come true.


So, let me tell you more about myself and the kind of home I’d love to find.


I simply adore the company of other dogs!


If I could spend every minute of every day playing with my doggy pals, I would. Splashing around in streams and puddles with them is great fun, especially when it’s a muddy puddle!


A muddy dog is a happy dog, as they say! 


If I meet a new dog on a walk, I’m more than happy for them to parallel walk with me so I can get to know them more. This is the best and safest way for us to get to know each other.


As I’m such a sociable little chap I can get frustrated when I can’t go over to see other dogs, so I’ll need an owner who can teach me how to keep my focus on them more and how to accept that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get to say hello.


I’ve been doing some Clicker training recently too and I’m really getting the hang of it. I get lots of yummy treats as a reward too, black pudding doggy sausages are my all time favourite! 


Puppies can make me a little on edge as they’re so bouncy and don’t understand what personal space is all about. I’m not nasty with them but I do prefer it when they keep their distance. I’m still a pup myself so I don’t want younger pups trying to lead me astray haha! 


The humans looking after me feel that living with another dog would be a great benefit to me. A friendly female dog, who’s older than me and can show me the ropes would be perfect!


I don’t like being alone when my owners leave the house and having a doggy pal for company would help me massively, and help build my confidence.


Someone who is home most of the day, who can gradually introduce me to being left, would be fantastic too.


Obviously it would be best for me not to be left alone loose with the other dog at first, to help eliminate any potential issues in my owners absence. Maybe get me settled in my crate with the other dog in sight to help reassure me, and go from there. With time, help and understanding, I’m sure I can get used to time away from my humans.


Mental stimulation and exercise are super important to me and I’m looking for an owner who can help me to channel my energy more and maybe learn some new skills too. 


I’ve heard that Dog Agility is great fun! 


Walks in the countryside are simply the best!


There’s so much to see and smell, I take it all in and my tail never stops wagging. I really come alive and thoroughly love every minute spent there.


A home in a rural or semi rural location would be amazing, as it would mean I could go exploring every single day! I’ve seen sheep and cows, from a distance, on my adventures and I don’t bark at them. They really intrigue me! I’m always on my lead around them though, as that’s the right thing to do. Yes, even at my young age, I know the ‘countryside code’! 


I’ve seen horses too but I don’t like it when they walk past me and I’ll bark at them. I think it’s because they’re so big and closer to me, and they make me a little nervous.


Like most other terriers, I like to chase furry critters if I’m given the chance, and I’m not so keen on cats either. I’ve recently become very interested in squirrels and try to run up the trees in the local park to see them. I know I shouldn’t but it’s just my instinct.


My recall has improved and once I’ve bonded with my new owners and understand their commands, I can be off leash in secure areas for a good ball chase and a run with my new doggy pal.


On several occasions I’ve met smaller humans, and I’ve interacted well with them. However, I’ve not lived with children but I could possibly live with older children aged 10+ who are dog savvy, confident and used to being around young, lively dogs.


I’d also like a secure garden, with high fences,  to run in and play at home, maybe even do a spot of sunbathing in the summer too.


I had my first visit to the groomers a couple of months ago, and I was so well behaved. I came home with a new haircut and looking very dapper. I felt so grown up! 


Everyone I meet tells me how friendly and loving I am. I have so much affection to share with you and love to snuggle up on the sofa too.


If you meet the following criteria and can offer me a fun filled, happy home with a doggy companion, please get in touch with the lovely people looking after me.


1. Resident female dog who is older than me, so I have company of my own kind.

2. Secure garden with fences of at least 5/6ft

3. No cats or small furry animals 

4. Someone home most of the day who can help me adjust to being away from my humans 

5. Children aged 10 or over

6. A terrier experienced owner who can continue with my education confidently


PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

EMAIL US to apply for Freddie