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Adopting a dog is a commitment. You're giving a loving and stable home to a rescue dog. If you are prepared to pay the adoption fee for a dog, it is an indication that you are serious and that you regard the dog worthy of your financial commitment.

It does not mean that we think only people who have money should have a dog, but it is a reminder to potential owners that a dog's life is important and valuable, and that costs must be taken into account.

If you cannot afford the fee, food, insurance, vet treatments, and other costs which come with owning a dog, it is better not to adopt until you have the available funds to cover all eventualities.


Our adoption fees are set out below. We use this fee to help pay towards a dogs vet treatment and care, which always includes the basics such as : vaccinations, health-checks, flea/worm treatment, and neutering costs. We may also use the fee for antiobiotics for ear infectons, dental work and ongoing treatment if needed.

The dogs are often with us for up to 6 weeks, and sometimes longer, while we get them ready for adoption. We fully assess the dogs during this time before leaving for their forever homes and we make sure they are healthy.

All our dogs come micro chipped , and we arrange the transfer. If any dog is not chipped, we use our own chips. All dogs have 5 weeks free Pet Insurance with Agria.

The dogs also have Rescue back up for life and we are on call to support you fully for the first 5 weeks. Following this we are always at the end of the phone through-out a dogs life and we may check in with you every now and then to see how your dog is.

The fees also mean we can continue our work in helping other dogs that need us -


Adoption Fees

Under 6 months - £350

6 months - 2 years - £325

2 years - 7 years - £300

Over 7 years - £275
We very rarely ask for help, we do try and cover vet costs within the adoption fee. But sometimes we may have a dog needing an emergency operation that may run into thousands. We pride ourselves on making sure every dog in our care gets the best Veterinary care possible. More than often dogs come in needing that extra help, usually teeth needing dentals, ear infections, urine infections to name a few, so any donations are very gratefully received. If we do have a big vets bill then we will do an individual fund raise for this particular dog, otherwise we do rely on donations to cover the extra the dogs sometimes need,  and want to thank people so much for doing this. 

Standing Orders, cheques and bank transfers: 

Please email patterdalerehomeuk@gmail.com and we will provide more information.

Or Paypal:


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