Meet Bear

Location - North Yorkshire


Hi all, my name is Bear and I am 17 months old. I am neutered, chipped, wormed and flead. I'm quite distinctive, the tip of my one ear is missing.


My foster family tell me I'm great around the house and I'm fully house trained too. Also, I don't mind playing on my own with my ball and 2 favourite toys. I'm quite happy to sit quietly and watch the goings on. My foster family have trained me not go in the kitchen at food time, so I will take myself off into my crate while the hoomans eat. I love my crate, but I do like to have a toy in there with me.


I tend to go to bed in my crate between 10-11pm and will be quiet until morning when its time for a pee usually between 7-7.30am I'll let you know this by giving a yap (not bark).


I don't bark at the doorbell or when someone knocks! (yes you heard that right) And I love the postman and all other humans!


I'm currently fed Harringtons and pedigree toppers, tinned tuna, cooked liver, chicken, boiled potatoes and various veg. I will eat anything to be fair. I'm fed a little in the morning and more in the evening. I am partial to a bit of warm water on my Harringtons.


Now this is the thing, I cannot get enough of being petted, and made a fuss of and I will snuggle up close at any opportunity I can! unless the sun is shining and then I sunbathe to get my vitamin D fix.


Training is ongoing if there are no distractions and I'm quite happy to learn, but after repetitions it kinda gets boring and I do lose interest. I've learned some stuff though, I can sit at the side of my food bowl until I'm given the go ahead.


Outside I get the odd training treat, not too many though! I don't need them. I'm excellent on my lead and will walk perfectly by your side. Quite content to be walked on my extension lead as well. I absolutely love long walks and I have incredible energy. I'm very alert and extremely inquisitive. My main objective on walks is to go over to any dog and try and play with them, if I'm denied close access to another dog then I might bark out of fustration and pull in an effort to get to the dog. I just want to play! like ALL the time.


I can't cope with going to a busy place full of dogs or where there are lots of people with dogs, like a local park. I just get too stressed. However I have made really good progress in the last few weeks and if there's a dog I recognise there are no issues. I can go off the lead in controlled environments, like an enclosed doggy paddock. It wouldn't be wise to let me off the lead when there are other dogs around, it's not doggy etiquette for me to run over to them and I just can't help myself!


Oh and I don't like that wet stuff, cold water or rain and I need a lot of patience to get me in the shower, although gentle persuasion might help (as long as the water is warm).


I've been introduced to sheep, cows and horses and there are no issues. Oh and I love the Hoover. I just try and play with it. It's like a big toy, right!?


Overall I think I am a cracking little dog and looking for a nice quiet home, with dog savvy children over the age of 12. No cats or small furries, I'll give chase and it wouldn't be great for them.

My wishlist for a new family.


1) Needs to be the only dog in the home

2) A secure garden with 5/6 ft fences.

3) Terrier experience!

4) Dog savvy children aged 12+

5) No cats or small furries

6) Rural or semi-rural area, with quiet contryside walks


PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

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