Meet Barney

Location - East Yorkshire


“Hey everyone, I’m Barney. You may remember me! I came into Rehome HQ around 6 months ago as a young puppy who had already had 3 homes in my short life. Nothing was known really about my previous homes and I was only in my 3rd home for 4 weeks before I was given up again. I had a lot to work upon and I thought I'd found my forever family but unfortunately here I am again back with the rehome team. I am only 12 months old! Normally the rehome team would let me explain what type of home I need and what type of needs I have but because of the situation I have come back to them, I am going to let my Case Manager explain…….



Please note - The video shows Barney with his experienced fosterer since he came back to us a few days ago, this is Barney as he is now. Our fosterer is working extremely hard with him to try to overcome his aggressive issues. This video shows that he IS workable. We just need to find the right new owner.


Barney is neutered, vaccinated, flea and wormed. He was almost 5 months old when we first received him into our care, and we did not know a lot about his history other than he had been passed around. What we did know through meeting him was he was very nervous, reactive and would nip. We also knew that if someone raised their hand, even slightly he would react in a way which only made us assume that at some point he may have been hit or abused.


His most recent owners have struggled with his behaviors. Barney has seen a behaviorist, but his issues were too much for his owners to cope with. That report can be reviewed by the successful applicant only and we will discuss this alongside our own assessment findings. A condition of adoption will be that any new owner seeks the guidance of a reputable, qualified behaviorist and trainer from adoption and shows evidence of the reports and training plan and sees it through to help Barney. He needs consistency and firmness in his training. Barney has also been checked over for pain in his back, legs, and neck by a qualified osteo - myologist whilst in our care so we are pretty confident his issues are not pain triggered and that it is consistency in training and behavioral issues he needs to rehabilitate him and grow him into a well behaved dog as he matures.


It appears that Barney struggles around females, he can be uncomfortable around them and has reacted in ways that need to be discouraged and rehabilitated by any new home and owner. Barney will lash out unexpectedly at some females and had bitten his most recent female owner. We consider him to have a "Level 3 Bite History" -  Around men he is fine, needs a little guidance and encouragement but is a lot more settled and comfortable.


* Level 3 Bite History - One to four shallow punctures from a single bite and potentially small lacerations from pulling the biting dog or victim body part away* With a high likelihood it could happen again if measures are not put in place to keep everyone safe and the training implemented is not continued. If his behaviour and anxieties are not managed and his boundaries/body language are ignored he has full capability of progressing higher up the bite scale.


We must implore that all those eager to submit applications for Barney fully understand their own capabilities regarding canine aggression and whether they could move past an escalated outburst should one arise. If you don’t feel that you would confidently be able to move past any altercations then it may not be the best decision to apply for him as we would prefer confident, experienced, and dedicated applicants to make sure that Barney has the best chance of succeeding in a home where he can be kept safe and happy.


Barney can also be toy possessive; he will share toys but then resource guard them and snap if you try to take them off him. He needs a lot of training in his understanding of sharing, yet when he was last with us at Rehome HQ, he improved massively on food resource guarding. For those who don’t know Resource guarding - this refers to a dog displaying behaviours (growling, snapping, etc.) intended to convince other dogs or humans to stay away from a particular treasure or “resource.” The resource can be food, treats, toys, a place (a bed or favourite chair), or occasionally a person. Care needs to be taken with resource guarders in the evening or when they are sleeping to not wake them suddenly as we have seen a history of bites happening only in the evening where the dogs are over tired and unable to process. This is another reason we do not recommend resource guarders go on the sofa or your bed. Whilst his resource guarding has not manifested hugely, we do need potential adopters to be aware that may change on entering a new home environment that he comes to recognise as his home. Should this happen his resource guarding cannot be ignored as if he doesn’t get a response from it, he will push it further. It must however be dealt with effectively to insure it does not set him up to fail. He has the potential to bite if not managed correctly. We do always suggest with any resource guarder not to leave things around the dog can have access to, tea towels, paper, food packets etc and to be very careful around high value triggers like food, beds and toys. Barney needs to learn that guarding something has the opposite effect of what he is trying to achieve. Should he start showing any sort of reactive/guarding behaviours a slip lead must be quickly placed on him with a firm “no” and he must be removed from the situation and put somewhere else to calm down. If the reason for guarding was a physical object it can then be safely removed before he returns, if it is a smaller object, he is holding onto then he must be offered a swap out for something of higher value (chicken) and a “give” command and again removed from the situation. This may need to be repeated many times before it makes sense to him. Challenging a resource guarder/reactive dog will all end in you getting bitten. The trick is to deal with it calmly and swiftly whilst not reinforcing it and not exacerbating it.


For the reasons above we will not rehome Barney in a home with females or children (this includes visitors too). We are looking for a strong willed, firm, confident, experienced MALE owner.


Barney is okay with some dogs but can be reactive and he has a lot of areas he needs to improve upon and maintain so he cannot be placed in a home with other animals, and this includes other dogs. He needs to be an only dog so please do not apply if other animals live in or visit your home. Barney also loves the beach and loves to swim, and he loves the secure exercise field for a run and energy burn off. He must be on a lead and controlled when outdoors due to his behavioral issues. He may benefit from a muzzle when out until confidence is gained.


Barney does have a lot of love to give but he also needs a firm confident person to show him the right way to express himself and this will not happen overnight, he is young enough to be taken down the correct route of learning and development and in the right hands will make a fantastic dog in time. It may seem like he has a lot of issues, he has but he can equally be a fun-loving little pup and that is why we know in the right home with the right guidance and consistency he has the potential to be an amazing dog as he is young enough to correct and improve his behaviours.


So here is Barney, warts and all, but we have a duty of care to tell you all the bad stuff, it can be improved upon in the right hands. Barney may be cute, but all applicants need to see past the cuteness. Please only apply if you can offer the following for Barney.


What we are looking for in the perfect forever home :


• Rural quiet home, where Barney can benefit from being calm.

• Secure garden and high fencing or boundaries to ensure he does not escape.

• An active home needed, Barney will benefit from a home that is active; he loves to walk and when he’s regularly exercised, he improves dramatically. A tired dog is a happy dog we always say.

• 𝗦𝗧𝗥𝗜𝗖𝗧𝗟𝗬 𝗡𝗢 𝗖𝗛𝗜𝗟𝗗𝗥𝗘𝗡 (𝟭8y+) - This includes visiting and resident children to the property.

• Minimal exposure to females in the home environment until he is at a stage where his behavioural needs can be controlled.

• A confident experienced male owner.

• Knowledge of resource guarding and redirection tactics and willingness to work with both on a long term and having the confidence to move past any outbursts is key to a successful adoption as well as Barney having a stable home environment and family network.

• Applicants with an understanding of canine body language and ability to identify triggers would be preferable to limit altercations should they arise.

• Breed Experience is needed.

• Willingness to source a trainer and behaviourist from day one

• A home where owners are not going to overly manhandle him too much at first, thus limiting him to becoming frustrated or over stimulated. Over fussing him with both hands could still trigger him so constant awareness of your actions is very important because becoming complacent in the early stages of adoption could put Barney in an unfavourable position.

• *It would be preferable that applicants understand that resource guarding cannot be “fixed” by offering love or a calm environment alone. It takes constant management to ensure that potential triggers can be avoided so please do not be under any illusion that offering either of these options will dispel his behavioural issues for good. As an adopter you must be 10 steps ahead and always evaluating possible risks. If you feel this level of responsibility would be too much to add to your daily routine, then please do be honest with yourself before applying as Barney needs dedication in all aspects of his home offer.

• A home that will commit to Barney forever! He needs a chance; he needs stability and a home for life.

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

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