Meet Barney

Location East Yorkshire

Hello everyone, my name is Barney, I am a red Patterdale Terrier and I am about 6 months old.

I have already had 3 homes in my short life before the wonderful Rehome Team and my Foster Mum took me in, so I have been a little confused on what is happening and that’s affected the way I react around people, but I am improving and starting to understand it’s okay to say hello to people.

I’m not good around small children so I’d like a home where I can have my Mum & Dad all to myself. I get a little jealous around small hoomans, I reckon it could be quite fun around bigger teenager hoomans who can play ball and run around with me but they would have to be dog savvy as I'm still quite nervous and frightened around new people, so I may growl and nip at first. But once I've got to know you I'll be your new best friend!


I would also benefit from being the only dog in the home because I need to work hard on my behaviours and I have not had much socialising with other dogs really.  It’s the same with other animals. I’m not keen on them, so no cats or small furries either. I’d like ALL the attention as I have never really had a family before I can be part of for longer than a few weeks.


I need a lot of work on my lead training, basic training, puppy behaviours and sharing food, treats and toys because I haven’t had enough time in a home to establish boundaries and rule with hoomans. Those pesky hoomans have not been able to meet other people and dogs from quite some time now because Boris said so! Who is this Boris bloke?


When Boris lets them meet up again, I would benefit from training classes and gentle introductions to other people and dogs to take me back to puppy basics.

I have had my vaccinations and I’m going to see a vet to have a Big Boy’s Operation, apparently that may make me a little calmer, I’m too little to understand about the birds and the bees but that’s what my Foster Mum tells me! I’m not poorly, it’s apparently a normal procedure for young boys like me. For that reason I won’t be able to go to a new family until I have recovered but the lovely people at Rehome HQ are going to start to look for my new family in the meantime.

I am very fussy on what type of home and family I would like so here is my wish list

  • I need to be the only dog in the home

  • I’d like a secure garden with high fences or boundaries so I can run and play safely.

  • I’d love a dedicated family who will train me with a consistent approach of positive reward.

  • I don’t mind children over the age of 14 only who are dog savvy.

  • I wouldn’t like any cats or small furries living with me.

  • I’d love to have lots of long walks and exercise.

  • There would need to be a safe space to call my own for quiet time.

  • A family who will understand I may not be perfect for quite some time, apparently people who have had terriers like me would understand and have the experience.


Can you tick all the boxes on my wish list? If you can I’d love to hear from you!


PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted for Barney. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected. If you would like to apply for Barney.

EMAIL US to apply for Barney