Alfies Story

We'd been dog owners before, but lost our labrador 9 years ago. The children were little so we decided to leave it. Then last summer, the children's campaign to convince us to get a dog became more intense! I found the rehome group on Facebook and hovered for a while. Then a little lad Alfie came up. We have a busy life so didn't really want a dog who needed support with issues, just one who needed a new home.


Alfie was that dog!

I showed the kids his picture. They fell in love and managed to convince hubby, so we applied! The team were brilliant, thoroughly checking us and our house and garden to make sure we were the best fit for Alfie.

Much to everyone's excitement, we were approved! We drove from The Fens to East Yorkshire to fetch him and he loved us straight away! The kids were obsessed right from that moment!

We've not had Patterdales before, and the first week was definitely trying, but we worked with him and managed to find what helped him settle (being close to us!).

Alfie is such a character, he makes us laugh every day. He is the perfect family dog and loves it the best when we are all home together. He's a mummy's boy without a doubt and he definitely is the best tonic for a stressful time working in education! He is now really happy, confident and settled. We love him so much and are so, so grateful to the rehome group for pairing us up. Thank you for all that you do. These dogs really do deserve your amazing care.