Meet Alfie

Location - Glasgow


Oh Hello there, my name is Alfie and I am a 2 year old Lakeland Terrier!

I’m a very happy lad because I have just passed all my assessments, so I am ready to be adopted now. I’m from Glasgow and I am looking for a new home, would you like me to come and live with you?

I’m vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flea’d and I have also been neutered, so I am pretty much ready to go if the right home and family come along.

I am crate trained and love to sleep in my crate at night, it is my safe space. I need to be up early in the morning as I am always desperate to go outside for a wee and a run around, so I need a family who are early risers to ensure I don’t have any accidents – I am house trained, but I sometimes do have accidents if I am left too long without going outside (a set routine will do me a world of good). If there is a window to look out of, I am happy to watch the world go by….

I am used to other dogs but I only like to mix with females. I like to play with them but only for a short while as I do get grouchy and a little reactive after a while. I don’t want to share; I want an owner all to myself so need to be in an only dog home. I deserve to be spoiled anyway! I love snuggles and cuddles, I will snuggle and cuddle for hours on end.

I also do not like cats and other small animals, so please don’t apply for me if you have any of these!

I can be extremely nervous around small people, so please don’t apply for me if you have children under the age of 12 years old. I have been around small people in my last home, and I didn’t like it at all! I have never snapped or bitten though! I can be a little mouth like a puppy, I need to understand this is not acceptable. I do like meeting new people; I am very friendly if someone says hello.

I used to live in a flat so I am desperate for a home with a garden where I can run around and play. I love to run round and round in circles and I adore playing with a ball or a pull toy. I have so much energy that I can run round in circles forever and ever with a toy in my mouth. There needs to be high boundaries or fencing because I can try to jump, my foster family has a high fence which I have tried to climb!

I walk nicely on my lead, although if I am excited, I can pull – if you show me how to do it properly, I am sure I will learn fast! I love long walks and adventures too but I don’t have any recall, so I do need to be on a lead for now.

I am used to going to the groomers for a pamper, although I do need my lockdown hair tidying up , I need regular visits to keep it neat and tidy.


Do I sound like the perfect pooch for you? I may not be totally perfect, but I can learn through the guidance of a confident owner.


Here’s my wish list, if you tick the boxes, please let the lovely people looking out for me know by applying on their website and they will check you out.

1) No cats or small animals

2) Only dog in the home, but I can socialize for short periods with other friendly "female" dogs after careful introductions.

3) Dog savvy kids over the age of 12

4) A large garden with high fences or boundaries for fun and play and so I can run around and be safe.

5) Someone home most of the day with time to take me on long walks and adventures.

6) A terrier experienced owner

7) Someone to guide me, teach me a routine and invest in my training.

8) Someone who can give lots of snuggles and cuddles and pamper me like the prince I deserve to be.

PLEASE NOTE - only applications received in full will be accepted. You will be required to provide 3 virtual home check videos. See HERE for info.


Failure to provide all 3 videos will result in your application being rejected.

EMAIL US to apply for Alfie